Here is a quick overview of what you will learn on this page:

  1. What is the GMAT: The GMAT test is a requirement for many MBA programs.
  2. No GMAT MBAs: With the emergence of so many business professionals enrolling in Online MBA programs, some universities are removing the GMAT barrier from their entry requirements.
  3. GMAT Waivers: Other MBA programs are starting to ease entry requirements, allowing for what they call "GMAT Waivers".
  4. Experience Typically, GMAT Waivers are available and commensurate with valid business experience. Be sure to check with any MBA program or business school for specifics.
Read on to see what the GMAT is, why colleges use the GMAT as an admissions requirement, why universities are deciding to remove the GMAT entry requirement, and see some of the top Online MBA programs with no GMAT requirements.

Admission to an MBA Program

Completion of an undergraduate degree can be a time of celebration for you. Unfortunately for some, this proud moment is quickly dulled by the realization that more testing and preparation is required in order to be accepted into graduate-level degree programs. In the field of business, additional requirements are often required for entry into MBA programs, even online.

Since these programs are in such demand, schools believe that further testing is necessary to filter out students with lower scores and provide opportunities to better qualified students. If you are considering the online MBA for your education, there are many separate factors to consider before picking out a particular college.

Students that are preparing for graduate education often find themselves investing a lot of time and effort into ensuring their qualification to certain universities, without researching their complete options. Some of the available universities offering online MBA programs have recognized the need for flexibility and waivers for students that have excelled in previous programs and do not have the extra time and money to dedicate to graduate-planning.

Colleges that Offer an Online MBA Without the GMAT Requirement

If you are concerned about not getting accepted into online MBA programs due to the GMAT requirement, you should rest assured that there are universities out there that will accept you without its completion. Whether you graduated with excellent grades or have years of professional experience, a lot of universities are open to your bargaining.

Even some universities with the GMAT requirement offer waivers to students that can prove high GPAs or previous work experience. Having these options can help ease your transition into graduate-level education, without additional worry about preparation and costs of the GMAT exam. Taking the time to research universities within your state can assist you with saving time and money during the collegiate preparation progress. Depending on what you are looking for or your current achievements, there could be many universities that are ready and willing to accept you into their online MBA programs. Our experts have researched some of the universities providing online MBA programs in order to find non-GMAT options for you to browse. Take a look below at some of the options for you to choose from.

  • Ohio University – MBA – No GMAT Requirement
  • Norwich University – MBA – No GMAT Requirement
  • Maryville University – MBA – No GMAT Requirement/Waiver Available
  • Walsh University – MBA – No GMAT Requirement
  • Western Kentucky University – MBA – No GMAT Requirement
  • Old Dominion University – MBA – GMAT Waiver Available

The GMAT for an MBA

The most prominent requirement that students fear when entering graduate school is the completion of the GMAT or GRE. The GMAT is the more preferred exam for the online MBA program, since it is geared more toward management than the GRE. These exams can sometimes be extremely time-consuming for students, since they require months of preparation and studying.

In response to this, some colleges have found ways to substitute the GMAT requirement or dissolve it completely. Our education researchers have decades of experience in educational programs and program requirements. They have worked hard to give you some important information regarding GMAT testing and colleges that look over the requirement.